Jessica came in with a clear vision and strategy for how to transform my social media presence—and it worked. She explained it thoroughly—to someone like me, who isn’t well-versed in digital marketing—and followed up to make sure I felt good about the direction, and would then give even more advice! She is extremely creative and outlines her ideas in very concise detail. Even though she had no background in my field—music instruction—I felt like she had been a music teacher her whole life. She knew exactly what to do to help my brand and reach.
— Andrew Pelletier, Make Some Noise

It’s a rare opportunity in life to have the privilege to work with an individual who has the perfect balance of creativity and rationality. An individual who knows precisely how to nurture, expand, and support your vision. An individual who ensures you have just exactly what you need just exactly when you need it. And an individual with an affable personality that makes every interaction a delight. Work with Jess—she’ll elevate your work and your spirit!
— Podcast Shawn, The Minimalists

Hire Jessica Lynn Williams! Seriously. In today’s vapid, self-indulgent social-media landscape, Jessica uses her creativity and intentionality to cut through the noise—not add to it. She has added immense value to The Minimalists’ audience, and she can do the same for yours.
— Joshua Fields, Millburn, The Minimalists