Strategy Building Session I During this session my focus will be on gaining an understanding of your mission and values, which we’ll use to establish the purpose and direction of each network based on your vision. I’ll do an in-depth evaluation of your social pages and together, we’ll brainstorm creative ways to share your evergreen creations across your social pages beautifully and intentionally.

Brand Spankin’ New Social Media Strategy Your brand new social media strategy will cover Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. With your vision, values, and mission at the forefront, I’ll create a social experience that will leave a lasting impression on your followers.

Strategy Building Session II During this session, I will present you with your brand-new social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll do an in-depth review of the new strategy I’ve created for you, and we’ll make refinements to ensure our new strategy is a reflection of your vision.

Social Media Style Guide The Social Media Style Guide is a document dedicated to helping us maintain consistency in your page’s voice, tone, spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, emoji usage, hashtag usage, multimedia usage, and announcements.

Added Value Inventory This Added Value Inventory is a checklist of all of your recurring social media maintenance responsibilities, tasks, and posts. By taking a detailed inventory of your daily, weekly, and monthly actions, we can ensure each task has a purpose and adds immense value to your social pages.

A Month of Curation For thirty days I will implement your brand-new social media strategy alongside you and/or your team.

Weekly Strategy Refinement Sessions Meet with me during the implementation period to solve problems, shift our strategy, and optimize our approach.

*Photo and video can be supplied by my team at additional cost


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