1. Adhere ruthlessly to your moral compass. Integrity is the core of intentionality.

  2. Allow numbers to serve as an indicator, not a guide. The focus should always be on connecting with the people who find value in what you’ve created, not on the metrics. If a post resonates with thousands those are thousands of assholes, it’s not a successful post.

  3. Add value regularly. The best algorithm hack to growing your account is to build a genuine relationship with the people who invest their time and attention into your work.

  4. Respect your audience’s time. We need to respect their time as if it were our own. That five-second Instagram Story is five seconds of their life. Make sure it’s time well spent.

  5. Don’t scream. No need for 👏🏼 excessive colors 👏🏼 emojis 👏🏼 and hashtags, or SENTENCES IN ALL CAPS 👏🏼 unless that’s your brand. Clear, concise communication is always best.

  6. Be liberal with your block party invitations. If someone decides to rain on your social media parade with a nasty comment, block them. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  7. Curate your feed effectively. Your social media experience is only as good as the pages you follow.

  8. Don’t hold on to dead pages. If you don’t want to maintain it, delete it. I don’t care how many followers you have. Zombie pages are just decisions that haven’t been made yet.

  9. Establish clear intentions for your pages. What are you guiding your audience towards? How are you offering to deepen your relationship with them? Get clear on the ways you can add value.

  10. Use each network the way it is intended. Pay attention to how each network is encouraging you to use their platform. If you can communicate via the methods they encourage, your message can spread farther and wider.

  11. Educate & Entertain. A post should educate, entertain, or, ideally, both.

  12. Be genuine. Allow your personality to shine through on your social pages. It will give you the opportunity to build real relationships with people through your page.

This is a growing list—how do you use social media intentionally? I’d love to hear about guidelines you’d recommend on Twitter and Instagram.